This year, BlackCAP has done the following:

  • Created a diversity project in CAP journalism where we explored how different stereotypes of different minority groups affected the way they were perceived in the media, and how that affcted that groups' real life portrayal 

  • Established book club in CAP10 english where we were able to choose to read the work of one of five authors of color.  Including:

    • The kite Runner

    • The Color of Water

    • Hiroshima

    • The Autobiography of Malcolm

    • How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents

  • Created a video explaining BlackCAP

  • In partnership with Parkland Magnet Middle School, we have created a mentoring program to help Parkland students of color be accepted to and achieve in MCPS application programs.

  • Established a safe space in Montgomery Blair High School where students of color are able to go and discuss any microaggressive or blatantly racist acts they have faced without fear of repurcussion

  •  Started to communicate with board members in order to diversify the county curriculum


Join us as we continue our fight for positive change.